Example lanes with offset costs and carbon saved

Origin Destination Offset Cost Carbon Saved
East Rutherford, NJ Irvine, CA $41 per load 3.42 metric tons per load
Northlake, IL Auburn, WA $29 per load 2.42 metric tons per load

The lower carbon output inherent to rail allows for cost effective offsetting of carbon emmissions.

Carbon Footprint Comparison - East Rutherford, NJ to Irvine , CA CO2 Emissions
Estimated Rail Carbon Footprint (100 Loads) 127 metric tons CO2
Estimated Long Haul Truck Carbon Footprint (100 Loads) 906 metric tons CO2
Using a carload or intermodal rail solution instead of a truck would
reduce this shipment's estimated Carbon Footprint by:


Unless otherwise agreed in a written agreement signed by Tiger Cool Express, freight movements and other services provided by Tiger Cool Express will be governed by the Tiger Cool Express, LLC Rules of Transportation.
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